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NESTROY-Nominierung für LILIOM.CLUB!(Kategorie "Beste Off-Produktion")

nächste Produktion (Premiere 14. Nov. 2019):



Koproduktion mit orgAnic reVolt

Im Rahmen des Festivals "2019 out of control" von netzzeit


14.,15.,16.,21.,22.,23.,28.,29.,30 Nov., jeweils 20:00

Kirchengasse 41, 1070 Wien


“The starting point of the project is an autobiographical story. Just before we, my mother, my sister and I, wanted to go on vacation, my mom disappeared in a phone booth to call her lover. When she returned to us, she had suddenly become a different person. She was outraged and unable to calm down. At that moment my mother had her very first schizophrenic crisis. I was only ten years old. Since then I‘ve been constantly tormented by the question of what exactly happened in the cabin. I couldn‘t explain it to myself. I‘ve never found out. Until the present day, she doesn‘t even know herself what exactly happened to her!
However, I think that‘s why I‘ve become an artist! I‘ve become a dancer because at that moment I realized that the essential things, that change life, can‘t be narrated and explained with words.” (Leonie Wahl)


-> Bericht über Leonie Wahl in der "Presse"

-> Interview Leonie Wahl in "woman"

-> Kritik derstandard.at online (-> als PDF)


Choreografie: Leonie Wahl

Regie und Text: Ernst Kurt Weigel

Soundscape: ASFAST

Tanz: Leonie Wahl, Hannah Timbrell

Performance: Kajetan Dick, Gerald Walsberger, Michael Welz

Vocals: Tamara Stern

Bühne und Kostüme: Devi Saha

Regieassistenz: Christina Berzaczy

Technik: Julian Vogel

Praktikantin: Nadine-Melanie Hack

Produktionsleitung/Presse: Monika Bangert, Simon Hajós

Fotos von Günter Macho

Fotos von Barbara Pálffy